When you are just about to begin in the art of needle-work, you might ask yourself the question, Why Knitting is better than Crocheting? Now, if you are new to both these terms, do not worry at all because we have got you covered.

Knitting would be great for clothing that needs delicate stitches such as soft sweaters or fluffy cowls while on the other hand, Crocheting is your choice when you need bulkier stitches as in hats, scarves, and dishtowels.

Let us begin with the formal definitions of Knitting and Crocheting, then we will move forward to see as to why Knitting is better than Crocheting.


Knitting is an art by which yarn is creatively manipulated to create a beautiful fabric. It is used in many types of clothing items like sweaters and cowls. Knitting may be done by hand or by machine.

It is done with 2 knitting needles and the stitches are loops.

Tabby in White Knit Hat


In the art of Crocheting, you would interlock loops of yarn or thread to make beautiful and stiff clothing for yourself or your family and friends.

It uses only one hook to make beautiful art and craft.

A Pretty Crochet Toy

Why Knitting is Better than Crocheting?

1. Knitting Brings Better Drape

Crocheters will definitely agree to the better drape of a well-knit shawl or a scarf. Why? Because even if you do it with light yarn, crochet would still be bulkier than knitting. To get promising results of draping with crochet, you are left with one option, which is to make it very lacy.

Crochet made clothing are no doubt very pretty but when you go for warm clothing, those would be stiffer.

2. Easier Color Work With Knitting

While it cannot be neglected that stripes of color with crocheting are easier to learn but when it comes to colors, you cannot ignore the fact that Knitting brings way more fashion into the area.

Think of those Sweaters and Cozy Hats with colorful Fair Isle Designs. If you are in for fashion, you definitely want to pick knitting.

Lnitted Sweaters
Beautifully Knit Sweaters

3. Crocheting takes Way More Yarn than Knitting

Yes, it is True!

If you are a regular needle-work person, you would definitely agree that Crocheting takes almost 30 percent more yarn than Knitting which makes crochet bulkier and increases the amount of effort that needs to be put into the work.

4. Knitting uses 2 needles

Well, it might seem that working with 2 needles is harder but when you get the grip of it, you will definitely agree that Knitting is way better than crocheting with the use of two needles. It gives such a pretty finish and this fact cannot be ignored.

Knitting Needles
Knitting Needles

5. A Variety of Knitting Patterns to Choose From

There are tons of books out there published about Knitting and Knitting Patterns and you will find hundreds and thousands of these patterns on the internet while with crocheting, you will have to be way more specific and it is really hard to choose from a very limited list of patterns whereas, with Knitting, you can choose any pattern of your taste.

6. Knitting Patterns are Easy To Understand

Knitting instructions are way easier to understand and there are no turning chains in Knitting. It is way much easier to read knit stitches and see where you went wrong which makes it super easy to fix mistakes, whether dropped stitches or a stitch that was knit wrong.

Knitting Patterns are easier to understand

Ending Remarks

While in the end, it is never easier to choose between the two and while it is my opinion that knitting is better than crocheting, another member of the staff might disagree with my opinion and You may expect another post as to why it is the other way round.

And while we may wait for that to appear, tell us in the comments, what do you think is better with your experience.


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